Email Marketing
Novice to Newsletter

Are you trying to start your email marketing for your business but you’re struggling understanding the terminology?

Surely you *should* know the difference between an automation and a campaign, right?

Everyone else seems to be cracking on it with it, so why can’t you!

It can’t be THAT difficult! Can it?!

If only you had someone to show you EXACTLY how to start. Someone to sit with you, explain what it all means and show you how to just get started and understand the tech side.

The Copy is spot on - you wrote it, that part you’ve got nailed, it’s just HOW to send it out.

In just a few easy steps, here is where I can help.

* On our hour long call, I will hold your hand and get you unstuck.

* I will explain EXACTLY what you need to know to get started.

Show you how to do it. I’ll do it on your account, so you can SEE the exact steps you need to take.

Once the call has ended you will leave confident and know the difference between a campaign and an automation and ensure you are GDPR Compliant.

So you can:

*Set your Lead Magnet Automations

*Schedule your Newsletter

*Be confident making any changes to your account

And of course, once over the hurdles, you’ll be ready to press send and share those emails.

I won’t just leave to do it all though!

Don’t worry, you’ll have me on hand via Voxer for the next 48 hours as you implement everything you learnt.

All for £99