Website Changes

Have you got an amazing website? Y’know the one... Every time you look at it you sigh and smile at the design…

BUT the copy and images aren't right any more - they DON’T make you smile.

Maybe your offers have changed or just your hair! Been there!

Here is where I can step in. If you don’t want your website changed, you love the style, but you want the copy updating, this I can do.

If you have the copy and the images - then we are ready to go and make you smile again.

This means you get to keep your dreamy website, it is just even more dreamy as it’ll now be PERFECT!

Ready to speak to your dream client.


Tier 1

Homepage/1 page website

Updating either a one page website or your home page

With up to 3 images


Tier 2

Up to a 5 page website

A standard 5 page website: Home, About, Services, Contact, Testimonials etc

With up to 3 images per page



Tier 3 -

If you have more than 5 pages to update pop me a message and we can have a chat.

What websites do I work with?

  • WordPress and Squarespace. If you use another, please contact me and we can have a chat.

What do you need to provide:

  • Access to your website.

  • All copy and images that you want to use on the website.

How do I send you these?

  • I will open up a Google Drive folder and Trello board, we both have access to, so that you can add everything to there.

How long will it take?

  • Once I have everything I will have it delivered back to you within a week

How many edits can I have?

  • I allow two edits per project 

Do I have any support after?

  • Of course – I will be on hand for a week after to email over any questions that you have.

Click here to book your call and get this started