Why I started as a Virtual Assistant

Before I had my son, I had such a different view on work/life and how things should be. I am sure that I am not the only one either. Thinking when I would have him, I would love dropping him off at nursery and heading off to do a full day’s work. But the reality was something very different. And when the chance came about to take voluntary redundancy from my previous role, as a family, it was the best decision we could have made. 

The plan then was to get a part time role so I could still stay at home with Alflie. But you know what they say about great plans and all that. COVID came along and changed that plan pretty sharpish. I am not one to not work though, I have always had a job and wanted to continue to work once my year of being off with Alfie was over. 

I looked at being a VA in 2016 and sat on it and didn’t do anything about it. Looking back, it wasn’t the right time. I am a strong believer in everything comes at the right time. And now, is the right time for me to be a VA.

Typical Nina, I did so much research and kept reading the same advice on threads: just do it! Done is better than perfect. And that is the best advice that I read. Done is definitely better than perfect. Nothing online is set in stone, we can always change and amend anything, but you cannot do that, if it is not out there. 

So, I started my Instagram and Facebook business page. I made my first portfolio in Canva and pressed Go! It was the best thing that I could have done.

I have since made my own website, changed and altered it almost weekly. Changed my niche, changed my ideal client and evolved along the way. 

I reached out and got myself an amazing mentor who is the most straight talking and amazing person ever! Exactly what I need! And now here I am writing my first ‘business’ blog post and sending it out to the world.

I am hoping that you will find this blog useful as I share all the things I am learning as I go. Plus hints and tips that I think will help you too. 

Let me know in the comments how you’re finding it.

Nina x

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