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Nina Mistry

Tech Virtual Assistant

Not knowing how to create the tech for your next launch, or being too short on time to do yourself justice, shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from making sales.

And honestly, if your current lead magnet won’t download, or your email campaigns aren’t sending, or your landing page won’t blooming work… well it’s all probably losing you leads too. 

You know yourself it only takes a couple of dodgy-looking graphics on a sales page or 404 error codes…and you’re clicking ‘exit’, clutching your purse, snapping it shut, and getting the hell off that site faster than well, anything…

And that’s literally what I LOVE to help you fix.

Hey, I'm Nina


I’m OBSESSED with making sure your tech is just as incredible as your amazing offers are so you can look and feel like the star you are, while your bank account dings gently in the background.

Whether it’s ensuring that your nurture sequence goes out on time after your amazing lead magnet has been downloaded…or helping you to integrate payments into your sales page so your money wings its way into your Stripe account without you giving it another thought…I can help you get rid of all those tech headaches once and for all.

Drama-free tech for an amazeballs next launch.

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