Should you board the follow train?

prateek katyal xv7 GlvBLFw unsplash

I had another blog post that I planned to post but I wanted to add my view on the Friday Follow Trains that seem to be EVERYWHERE at the moment.

I love Social Media for how you can network with anyone in the world. It’s meant I have connected with people in Australia and America, purely through networking. So, I love it. There is no other way that would have been possible, to hop on a call and have a chat and a brew! Come on, it’s me!

But what I don’t like is the push to have XX amount of followers. I don’t have a massive amount of followers on any platform. And I’ll be honest, of course I wanted 1000’s of followers because its what sells your stuff right?! Does it?! Is that how it works? I got two clients from Instagram when I had less that 200 followers. And they were both my ideal client. 

Now for me, the Follow Trains aren’t great because primarily they aren’t JUST your ideal client. Aimlessly following everyone is going to get your feed full of everyone BUT your idea client. Plus your followers will mostly NOT be your idea clients. That isn’t to say dismiss them straight away, if you must be part of them, be strategic. 

I am a Virtual Assistant and my ideal client is a Health and Wellness Coach. So I won’t be following a small local business that sells honey for example. Well, not on my business Instagram. I love local honey, so I’ll probably follow that on my personal one so I can see when they’re at local markets etc. But if there is a Mindset Coach, I’ll definitely be following them. Because that is who I would love to network with and get to know more. It is more about looking and seeing who is at the station, before you jump on the train and end up in the middle of nowhere (I was going with the train still but think I got lost somewhere….!)

AND you do not have to follow everyone that follows you! You don’t! 

I hope my thoughts made sense because I know how easy it is to get swept away with the trains that are all over promising to increase your followers, but it probably isn’t helpful if they’re not your ideal client.

Do you agree? Let me know in the comments I’d love to hear your take on it? 

Nina x